Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It seems keeping company with stones is
Keeping company with eternity
From such a distant place
That still resides in me.
We hear it in silence.
We feel it in stones.....
And you release it in this gathering together.
----- Neva Gagliano

The above piece of poetry was written by Neva who also sent me these wrapped rocks and heart shaped rock. Her wonderful blog is called Openings Connecting and you can find it here.

Newest acquisitions: One Ammonite and two trilobites - fossils

"Although cycles of time can express permanence, in the garden the clearest symbol of eternity is the rock, an image of the mountain." Marc Peter Keane, The Art of Setting Stone

"I speak of naked stones.. in which there is both concealed and revealed a mystery that is slower, more vast, and heavier than the destiny of a transitory space." Roger Caillios

The stone was there before the wind,
before the man, before the dawn:
its first movement
was the first music of the river.
---- Pablo Neruda, Stones of the Sky

In Japanese gardens, compostion follows from placement of the first stone: all elements become interconnected. The same can be said for painting, or collaging papers, or assemblage. We make decisions whenever we make a mark, place a paper, paint a shape, or attach an object. There is something in the artistic experience, in the moment of creation, that is entirely onto itself, private and untransferable. Finding this stillness within ourselves for every moment of creativity, is our connection.

All that is cared for.
Left Alone in the stillness
In that pure silence married
to the stillness of nature.
---- Linda Gregg

"Because I cannot work except in solitude, it is necessary that I live my work and that is impossible except in solitude."
----- Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Donna,

Once again you present us with a marvelous post, well balanced between thoughtful words and photographs.

I have only recently discovered Neva's blog, but I soon learned that she has a wonderful insight on life and the things around her.

The gift she has presented to you is indeed very beautiful and I like the idea of wrapped stones.

I have always felt stones are an important elements in the lives of those who are creative. Carrying a pebble in our pocket that we can touch and they have a calming effect.

Wishing you all the very best,

zendotstudio said...

What a wonderfully soothing, calming post. Who doesn't love a rock or a small stone. I find myself picking up little beauties from the different places I visit; mountains, beaches.

These wrapped rocks are amazing little sculptural works of art.

Anonymous said...

When holding a pebble or small stone in my hand, I gather a sense of timelessness, a sense of delving into aeons past, of holding a story that I cannot comprehend. Donna, your post conveys serenity.

Ian Foster said...

Thank you Donna for a wonderful post, stones and rocks do surely take us back to the beginnings of time. I am thrilled by your photos of fossils and of Neva's wrapped stones.
Your collage and Neva's poetry fit remarkably well together

Anonymous said...

stones are coming up again and again lately, and the first quote specially connected.

Thanks for the new blog referral...
and the reminder of solitude too. It is a true treasure and elusive.

ArtPropelled said...

Stillness, stones, fossils, quotes and beautiful art..... I am in my element. Donna, this collage/painting has an essence of Japan about it and I don't mean the Japanese symbols, but the beautiful stone colours and the composition reminds me of a zen garden. All that you have shared with us since your trip seems related to this painting.
Neva's wrapped stones fill me with wonder. Such a surprise when I first discovered them!
I love the Picasso quote.

Caterina Giglio said...

what a beautiful post and you are so blessed to have those stones. Neva is a treasure. thank you for the Gregg quote.... married to the stillness of nature. I shall write that down.

Lisa said...

the beauty and simplicity of the wrapped rocks reminds us that nature provides the greatest source of artistic inspiration...

lovely post, Donna. namaste.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post: photos, writing, and collage, all elegant and gracious.
Have really enjoyed your "exploration" of silence in art making. Also love your collage palette. The marks are gorgeous & the bit of red striking.

bob Cornelis said...

Silence, stillness, repose, tranquility - these are all qualities I like to pursue in my work as well. Some artwork conveys action and movement, some the absence of it. Both, of course, are equally valid. We're drawn to the one that resonates best with our personalities and personal aesthetics.

One thing about photography I enjoy is that even when capturing motion, a sense of suspension leading to stillness can be obtained. A photograph depicts a split second extracted from the stream of action. It becomes like the pause between breaths, a quiet cessation.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Isn't Neva wonderful with her beautifully wrapped rocks and words?! Your choices of photos and quotes are stunning and this art piece speaks of silence in that eternal way. Love the Picasso quote and agree completely.

herhimnbryn said...

Finding stillness can sometimes challenge us, but once found it is to be treasured.

The colours of your composition evoke calmness in me.

Umā said...

Lovely post. I sometimes collect stones between one event and another to mark time, a bit of a blank, personal calendar I can touch, carry with me, or, in the end, release.

Kerin said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post, Donna, and your collage piece is fantastic. Now I'm off to see her blog.

sukipoet said...

I just looked at a house for sale that had a large boulder in the basement. Wonderful. The wrapped stones are delighful. Your painting calm and peaceful. The quotes are marvelous. I wonder how you find them.

Did I tell you I made your black bean soup. Very quick and delicious. Thank you.

Renee Howell said...

Lovely post. FON (Friend Of Neva)

jo horswill said...

Beautiful post and images Donna, thank you for the link to Neva's blog...

nancy neva gagliano said...

my inner journey has over the past two years could be danced along with leonard cohen's ANTHEM: "forget your perfect offerings".
be honest. be true. give what can be brought forth.
....seeing my little RAPT ROCKS here, my "humble offerings" to you is indeed a treasured moment. and my poem in the same air as neruda's?
well, i bow~~~
to your sensitive spirit,donna, and the ever-magnifcient postings you do.

mansuetude said...

Thank you for this.

Strength harmony and yes, Linda Gregg--was reading her last week, and she is a special favorite whisperer, thinker, of mine.

Jo Reimer said...

Quiet. Stillness. Hush.

During my training as a guide at the local Japanese Garden we were taught that a rock is a rock until it is placed; then it becomes a stone.

Deliberation. Place. Still.

Suz said...

Isn't stillness the greatest energy?

Unknown said...

a beautiful poem (and gifts) from Neva :)
I had seen wrapped stones like that in a gallery in San Fran years ago. Very "Rivers and Tides"-ish.
A beautiful and calming blog you have here :)

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Like your Pablo Picaso quote, I spend so much time alone that I truly enjoy "visiting" my friends on their blogs at my own pace in my own time. Yours is one of my favorites. Always something interesting, thought provoking and soul soothing. Thanks.

Seth said...

I love your comparison of Japanese gardens to art and collage. Love Nancy's wrapped rocks. In fact, I just love this whole post.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Your side bar is looking rich Donna. Is this new piece of yours titled Inner Stillness? It is fabulous. I also especially like the symmetry vs. asymmetry image.

Mystic Meandering said...

I love these blog entries on silence and stones! Beautiful... Serene... Comforting... I used to be a stone collector myself. I love the sense of orderliness in piled rocks, the silent sentinels of wisdom... Reminding me of the "inner stillness" of course and the silent Seeing that just knows... My Heart sings with your entries here.

I need more stones!

Lovely, lovely! Christine

Aleks said...

Stepping Stones

Life holds promise for those
wise enough to follow each
opportunity, to develop each
talent; connect with all types
of people. One talent, one
opportunity, lays the foundation
for other talents and opportunities.
They build one upon the other,
taking us to surprising places;
tapping talents that we never
knew we had.

--Written by Karen Beavers

I love stones as I love gardens,Im happy that Im here and now to witness the talent of yours and silent beauty of it,thank you dearly! Did I misunderstood you on my blog-comment that today is your birthday?Anyhoo,wish you all the best in the world Donna,loads of good love,peace and light!Greetings

Coffee Messiah said...

Although we are born with that stillness, seems like once we get indoctrinated in schools etc, some lose it.

There's something to be said for inner peace and silence would express it perfectly.


rivergardenstudio said...

Your post, "Inner Stillness" brings peace and stillness to me through your beautiful words and images. Neva's writing is like soft music. I have recently acquired Pablo Nerada, Stones of the Sky, and when I open it his words pour through me like golden honey. We are so fortunate, all of us who love words and nature and art. thank you. roxanne

Eva said...

Wonderful post and collage. I always find a moment of peace and quite reflection when I visit your space. Thanks for sharing.

india flint said...

never too many stones...