Friday, July 3, 2015

The One Taste of Truth

 MEMOIR,  Donna Watson,  cold wax, oil paints, collage, scroll

INSTRUCTOR:  Donna Watson.  At Matzke Fine Art Gallery, on beautiful Camano Island, WA.
For more information contact Karla Matzke at: OR 360-387-2759.
(All mediums and all styles of painting are welcome as this workshop delves into each unique, creative participant as they find their way along their artistic journey.)

The tea ceremony incorporates the mindfulness, quiet and simplicity required for Zen study and meditation.   Most important in both is the awareness that each and every moment in unique, and is to be valued and savored.  

Over the centuries that both Zen and Tea evolved, literature developed in the forms of poems, phrases, fragments of Zen stories, and concepts.

THE BOOK OF TEA,  collage by Donna Watson

Displayed on hanging scrolls in the alcove (tokonoma)  of temples, homes or tea rooms, these phrases or fragments, or quotes provided contemplation that would encourage the right feeling for the drinking of tea or meditation.

TOKONOMA or small alcove, image source:  

There are hundreds of these phrases or ichigyomomo - in Japanese - written on these scrolls.
They allow free and easy wandering among the ideas and emotions that the words on the scrolls suggest.  When one is drinking tea, one can read the phrases or poems, and contemplate the meanings of the words on the scroll.

Small scrolls created by Donna Watson

One of the most famous tea masters, Sen no Rikyu, called the scroll the most important implement of Tea.

Seth Apter,  wonderful blog here.

It is quiet and tranquil, empty and at rest.
It stands on its own, and cannot be altered;
Manifests itself in all things, and is never idle.
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, about the ungraspable

OLD SCROLL,  by Donna Watson,  cold wax, oil paints, collage, scroll

The body is like a bodhi tree;
The mind is like a standing mirror.
Always try to wipe it clean;
Do not let it gather dust.

ANCIENT SCROLL - detail,  by Donna Watson, acrylic, collage, stone

MU:  "emptiness" is no doubt the best-known character in Zen literature and calligraphy and found on many scrolls.  When one empties one mind while drinking tea or meditating, one's mind opens up to new ideas, and possibilities which can lead to creativity.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful post.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

So SO beautiful!

Seth said...

Beautiful post Donna. I especially loved your artwork here. And thank you for including my scrolls.

lyle baxter said...

I look forward to your posts they are unique and very thought provoking! I would like the current one on a spot where I could stop and read it every day! thank you!

annell4 said...

Dear Donna, a beautiful post! xoxoxoxo

Tammie Lee said...

lovely images, information and thoughts.
wishing you a lovely class!
sweet weekend to you Donna.

Laura said...

Always enjoy seeing what you create and the moment you share.

amy of studio four corners said...

I am in awe...

Barry said...

Hi D - hope the workshop fills and goes well. Scrolls always have a sense of the sacred and mystery. Well incorporated into you work. Go well. B

india flint said...

emptying the mind, like emptying the trash , is a fundamentally necessary activity

Emma said...

Wonderful idea of not letting dust gather in the mind, lovely work.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Your work here is lovely, and so are the ideas about tea and emptying the mind to make room for creativity. I so wish I was able to attend your workshop!

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Fabulous thoughts here Donna...the mind is like a standing mirror...always try to wipe it clean. A wonderful expression...something I'll remember! Sensitive and beautiful work.



Caterina Giglio said...

simply beautiful... thank you...

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Anonymous said...

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