Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dark to Dawn

Histories, assemblage by Donna Watson

I'm back.  Some of you may have noticed that my blog posts have been on a long hiatus.  After 2 years of health issues, I have spent the past several months trying to change my life style including diet, mediation and yoga.  All these changes have taken much of my energy and focus so my short hiatus turned into a much longer unplanned break from the blog world.  

I have also tried to get back into my art work, and studio and this strong effort also proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.

Identity, collage by Donna Watson
"A time of bleakness can also be a time of pruning.  Sometimes when our minds are dispersed and
scattered, this pruning cuts away all of the false branching where our passion and energy were leaking out.  While it is painful to experience and endure this, a new focus and clarity emerge."
      ---- John O'Donahue,  Beauty:  The Invisible Embrace:   "The Lost Voice"
Identity 2, collage by Donna Watson
And in my new found focus, energy and desire to get back to work in my studio, I focussed on the trees and did not see the forest.  I concentrated on techniques and mediums and what I wanted to
paint, which only led to more frustrations.  I forgot why I wanted to paint.
Promise me
You will not spend
so much time
treading water
and trying to keep your
head above the waves
that you forget, 
truly forget,
how much you have
always loved to swim.
--- Tyler Knott Gregson
".... all progress must come from deep within and cannot be pressed or hurried by anything.  Everything is gestation and then bringing forth.  To let each impression and each germ of a feeling come to completion wholly in itself, in the dark.... and await with deep humility and patience the birth-hour of a new clarity:  that alone is living the artist's life, in understanding as in creating."
   --- Rainer Maria Rilke


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Welcome back Donna. I really feel the deep connection your choice of quotes, and you revelations about forgetting why you paint. gestation...bringing forth...waiting the birth hour of new that.

ZenDotStudio said...

It is the rare person that does not grapple with health issues at some point. What a lovely collection of quotes you have assembled around this challenging journey.

In every life there is some darkness and it's how we negotiate these dimly lit, narrow passages that is really important.

Thank-you so much for sharing this and reminding us of our common connection and inspiring us with how you have framed your journey, so that we may all benefit.

May you reap the deep rewards of this rich journey and the wellness I hear surfacing in your life.

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely to have back ~
i am hoping that in coming back to posting that you are feeling better. I send you light. it seems as if you are feeling inspiration. you sure have good company in the writers of these quotes. i have a herstory in kinship of J. O'Donohue's writings. He is brilliant, so sad that he has passed.

lovely to see your art and photos. sending you a bright smile.

Amelia said...

I totally resonate with this! I have had similar things going on and have had to change so much over the last few years. Dealing with aspergers (my child) has really pushed my to change so much as my life has had to accomdate.

Love your work and the quotes too! Here's to good strong time ahead :)


ArtPropelled said...

A lovely way to start my day!Your Histories assemblage made my heart soar before I even read the post. Welcome back Donna! I think you will find that this post resonates with many of us. "A time of bleakness can also be a time of pruning" ..... over the years I have found this is so. Focus and clarity do emerge. May your health problems become easier to manage and your art life blossom.

Olga Norris said...

I was delighted to see a new post from you, and am further heartened that you have made such progress on what must be a difficult journey. I sounds as if the view is firmly forward and around now, and not mostly down. Enjoy the rest of the sunrise.

Barry said...

D- as so many others have said it is great to have you back - missed you as part of our blog community - funny how we gather and then miss each other. I hope the hiatus has resulted in improved health. Re the art - just l;et it flow - whatever you do is good as part of the journey back - just do stuff that makes you feel good. Go well. B

Laura said...

Oh Donna, I was sending out some vibes for funny is I was going send you an email to see how you were doing...and now I see, so glad, one day at time and be in the present is where I know I try hard to stay in this crazy creative world. Wishing you the next step...of personal beauty though out all you do in your life.

Wen said...

times of blockage or other life issues, makes us step back from our art and when we return, we remain artists but life has interceded, we are different now and this will come out in our work. Let it be what it wants, step out of the way and just do it! Blessings!

lyle baxter said...

hooray! you are back! I missed your words of wisdom!!!

Naquillity said...

so sorry to hear you've been feeling badly. hope you're healing processes have helped you. i totally understand how your health issues have kept you from your blogging. i myself have had the same problem. i've recently been able to make another attempt at coming back to my blog. so far, so good.

your post today is very inspirational. just the right quotes to set the day right. main thing to remember is never give up. hope all continues to go well. have a great day.

ps. glad you're working on your own art. it's very therapeutic...

Valerianna said...

I, too, have missed you... and been in my own journey with some health issues, I let much else go, which really was the only thing I could do. Welcome back and wishing you renewed enchantment in body, soul and studio! Love the Histories assemblage, and the collection of quotes, wonderful.

Jann Gougeon said...

Amazing quotes that surely speak to me too. I'm reminded of an Emerson quote . . "Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience." Wonderful assemblage! And I love your new header and the title for this post.

Cate Rose said...

Welcome back, Donna! Terrific quote from Rilke. Glad you're slowly getting back into a new pace that works for you. Would you believe I thought of you yesterday, or perhaps it was last night -- anyhow, it's true. And here you are. Look forward to whatever you do in the coming days. said...

Thank you for your honesty Donna. It was what I needed this afternoon. I'm facing the tiredness that comes with particular health issues and my desire to be in the studio--MAKING. The body will make its voice known and Rilke's quote is balm to my soul.

Martin said...

Glad to see you back Donna!

Teo said...

There are times in our lives when we feel challenged. Well being comes when there's an equilibrium between body and state of mind. Take each day at a time, work if you feel like, spend time with yourself, meditate, eat healthy. You have the power to heal yourself. I too have struggled with health issues and I am working to achieve my equilibrium. Sending you positive energy and healing thoughts!

Jo Reimer said...

I'm glad you are feeling more whole, Donna, and able to return to your new normal. Robyn is so right that we each go through times of pruning. Our bodies continually slough off dead skin cells as new cells grow. it has seemed to me that this time of pruning applies well to our whole life... body, soul, and spirit, and without rest we can't restore that which has been lost. Welcome back.

Ruth Armitage said...

I'm glad you are feeling the pull back into the studio. Your time away will most likely have incubated some new inspirations! Welcome back :)

sukipoet said...

so good to read your wise words again and to see your art. a long struggle for you and how inspiring that you have come through it with new insights, new health practices and new spirit. be well, suki

ELFI said...

j'aime cette identité là!

mycuriousteaparty said...

What a lovely surprise to my morning to find you back in this wonderful blogging world. Hope that your health issues are quickly fading to a distant memory. Great to see your latest art work, inspiring. Promise me
You will not spend
so much time
treading water
and trying to keep your
head above the waves
that you forget,
truly forget,
how much you have
always loved to swim.
--- Tyler Knott Gregson

Love this quote. Thank you for sharing. ~ Julie.

annell4 said...

Here it is Sunday morning....I am so glad to see you back! Love all your quotes. Your work, and we have been waiting for you, with such longing. I embrace you. xoxoxoxo

Caterina Giglio said...

So very happy to have you back and am hopeful that your health is improving... I can certainly relate to this post, diet and practice is so important...
And, I get it... for me, I have found that new techniques and mediums just keep me from doing the work...
welcome back... x

Seth said...

Wonderful to see you back online. I am hoping that your new approach has helped you to rediscover who you are and what you art is all about for you. The quote from Gregson speaks volumes!

Velma Bolyard said...

i missed you, too, but honor and respect not your health issues, but your caring for yourself through them. whether or not you're online, it's important that you're making work. however that works for you.

mano said...

I'm glad and grateful you are back, dear donna.
you are so right. I know that health is the most important thing in our live. I wish you much strength and calmness for your work, which is so wonderful!
♥ mano

nancy neva gagliano said...

the 'water' must feel great as you begin to 'swim' again... and that john daido loorie is indeed a good companion.
so wonderful to hear from you, and i send you 'waves' of energy in the flow ~~~~

ZielonaMila said...

Great post, fantastic images:) Greetings

shayndel said...

I always love your Rilke quotes!!
Nice to see you and your beautiful work!
Happy Fall, Happy creative days!
♡(PS I haven`t been active on found in japan, but still here on my Aikawarazu blog and some new endeavours!!)

by land by air by sea said...

welcome home...
un artista no es pobre nunca

Anonymous said...

i'm quite embarrassed that i had no idea you were away, but i too spent several months away from the blog world as well. i am so glad you're back and so thankful that it sounds as if you're feeling much better. here's to good health and an abundance of creativity.